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12 April 2015 @ 12:11 am


Mike Wilson was the best friend anyone could ever have. He was one of the best I've seen at just lounging around, vegging out with seemingly no intention of getting out and doing anything at all. Then he'd pop up and we'd go to the park or the city and just walk around, enjoying the day. I've known this guy all my life, and no one has made me happier.

I've never had anyone else in my life treat me like Mike Wilson treats me. He always keeps me company, especially when I need him the most and I do the same for him. I guess you could say we are best friends.

I envy him though.

Mike has an amazing life. He has a successful career, a beautiful home, a lot of great friends, and a wife more gorgeous than anything on this earth I've ever laid eyes on. Her body is taught, her flesh soft and milky, her breasts round like perfect orbs, shining blonde hair as gold as the midday sun, and her mouth. Her mouth. Her pink lips were full and pouty and her teeth were set in a perfect row of ivories, pointed and alluring canines.

It amazes me how neither of them notice me simply staring at her, ravaging her body with my gaze when I'm with them, while we're eating dinner together or watching TV. I try not to stare though. Mike has given me an overwhelming amount of generosity by how much he's given me and how welcome he's made me feel in his lovely home and wonderful life. I owe both of them everything.

It just doesn't leave my mind. Throughout the day, while Mike is at work, I gaze into the tiny window leading into her bathroom, as I live right behind their house. She comes out of the shower with her wet hair pressed against her moist body as she's surrounded in a cloud of steam. I watch the entire time. And I love it. I love how her flesh folds and how the water beads up on the surface, rolling down her like rain droplets on a window. So amazingly soft. So sleek and smooth. So incredibly desirable.

She towel dried her golden wet hair and wrapped the towel back around her perfect body, still molding to her lovely curves. Moving into the master bedroom, I got a better view through the large back window, opened wide to let the cool air in. The second thing I liked best about her is that she didn't seem to have a great consideration to prying eyes, such as mine. She nestled her soft, round bottom on the seat in front of her vanity and did a while of lax primping as I relaxed, watching her still. She blow-dried her hair and as the moisture evaporated, it moved like golden waves of luscious richness and I drooled as my heart thumped at the sight.

All dry, she removed her towel, displaying her curvaceous, milky body in all of its glory and perfection. Her body gently slid over the covers of their unmade bed and didn't hesitate to smooth her hands all around her body as she turned onto her back. She began to massaged her round, soft breasts, rubbing the nipples lightly. The look on her face said it all.

She knew I was watching.

She was playing it up so hard that she had to be performing for someone, and since I was behind their house, with the window wide open, the curtains lightly wafting in the gentle breeze, it had to be me. It must be me! I was in plain view, outside, albeit pretending not to look. The pupils in my eyes widened, soaking her lusciousness in as her hands moved down her belly to cup her hairless mound. Imagine that. Hairless. So perfect. So separated from the animals of this world. A perfect smooth angel.

I could feel my member twitching as it arose. I was full and ready. My instincts couldn't be held back. So many times I had viewed her from afar and this was the moment. Her face towards me and quickly turned away, seemingly in ecstasy as if she hadn't seen me at all. But I knew what she was doing. She was beckoning me to her bed. To Mike's bed.

Despite our countless years of friendship and everything he had done for me, I could not pass this up. I knew she wanted me. She wanted me to be close to her. To be closer to those ones above.

Before I knew it, I leaped through the window. She was startled, but I believe it was only by the action, not by my presence. She sat up, not covering her body from me. Her pink lips parted, "Carter! What are you doing?" I didn't answer her, no gesture, not even a wince. I leaped on her bed and on top of her body. A moment of struggle took place, but it was all played out. I licked her sweet lips, my tongue entering her mouth. I couldn't kiss her like her husband does. I had to taste her, and I had to taste her flesh. Instantly, I knew I had to taste that perfect, sweet, fleshy mound. I crawled backwards, my mouth touching her pussy lips, coated in the nectar that poured forth. She was coating for me. I tasted her. Her smells! Her juices! All sweet, all perfect. Not of this dirt dwelling world. My tongue grazed over her entire pussy. I was so engrossed that I had just realized her moans. The moans, not of an animal, but a heavenly being.

This siren beckoned me further. I had to get closer. Closer and closer.

I nudged her body to turn over on to her belly. Sadly, I could only take this beautiful goddess like an animal. Her will was great. She wanted me closer. Closer and closer. She wanted this beast to ravage her gentle soul. I wanted so desperately to be upon her. To be with the gods and goddess of above that I would pull her down to my plain. The plain of the soil and muck.

My instincts showed no sympathy, however, and I plunged my member deep into this portal. The portal that would bring me closer. Closer and closer. And with each mechanical thrust, despite the sweet moans of and angel, that's all I could think about. To become higher with her. To be where she is at. To be where they all are.

I was getting closer. Closer and closer! She was bringing me there, and I was bringer her down to us with each gentle sigh turning into hoarse growls and huffs. We then became a hybrid, I thought. I, part angel, she part beast. And that's when we both became human. And I was getting closer. So close! So CLOSE!


I whirled my head around, and there stood Mike Wilson. My best friend in the whole world. The rage and disgust on his face exploded and filled the room with the haze of fear. I couldn't move, but the human, was a sweet angel again, as she quickly slid from my beastly embrace and my hook, unhinged from this portal.

"Allison! What the fuck are you doing?!" Mike roared. He turned to me, stormed up, lifting up his arm, ready to strike. A folded newspaper smacked down hard on my head, and I retreated to the corner, my tail between my legs.

"Bad dog Carter! Bad, bad dog!"

09 February 2004 @ 05:43 pm

friends only